John Cena Got Total Bellas Canceled?

John Cena was part of the Total Bellas previously alongside WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella. The Bella Twins recently explained why they ended Total Bellas. Vince McMahon To Fire Smackdown Stars Today?



Nikki Bella opens up on John Cena and Total Bellas being ended

Back in June of this year, Nikki and Brie both spoke out about how they wanted to quit their reality TV show, Total Bellas. The reasons cited were that they didn’t want their children to grow up in front of cameras on reality TV. Later on, it was also revealed that Total Bellas viewership had fallen considerably since John Cena parted ways with the show. The show was already in line for cancellation as E! didn’t want to carry on with it.

While speaking on The Bellas Podcast, the Bella twins spoke about the reason for them ending Total Bellas. Nikki stated that it is very difficult for their family having a camera crew in their house all of the time. While Brie Bella said that her husband Bryan Danielson is also not fond of camera crew either. Nikki further wanted to keep her relationship with Artem private after what happened with John Cena.

Here is what she said:

I could film 24/7, I love it. Reality TV doesn’t bug me and people judging me doesn’t bug me. It’s when it comes to my family. When I left Connecticut, I felt like this was my chance to be done with that because I love our life in Napa and want it more private. There’s something inside me that kept feeling like it wasn’t right. We always commit 110% to something and if we start this new chapter with someone else on a new network or digital platform and I have to give them everything, which means my family, I don’t know if I’m ready. I think I’m done with that.”

The Bellas made it clear that they are not fully against television as they do have other projects. For the time being, they will just have their children appear on YouTube or Instagram in order to make their lives more normal.


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