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John Cena is now an NYT bestselling author

John Cena

John Cena has achieved a lot of things in his career and being a New York Times bestselling author is now one of them, thanks to his new book.

Cena released a book called Elbow Grease on October 9th last week. The book features illustrations from Howard McWilliam and the hardcover release has 40 pages.

And in a tweet he made yesterday, the former World Champion revealed that his book has become a New York Times bestseller in the Children’s Best Sellers list:

The book is aimed at children aged 3-7 years and it features a little monster truck trying to prove that he has guts and grits to do big things. Here is what the official description of the book reads on Amazon:

Meet Elbow Grease, a little monster truck with a big problem! He’s smaller than his four brothers, but wants to prove that he has the guts and the grit to do big things. He decides that entering the Demolition Derby is the perfect way to show everyone that what he lacks in horsepower he makes up for in gumption.

  • CC

    Not really that surprising. A guy with the level of fame as Cena, who goes out of his way to appeal to kids, is gonna sell a load of copies of a kids book on name alone.

    Now if it was a book that is aimed more at adults like Foley or Jericho’s books, that would be impressive.

    Fair play to him though. Better to be making your name with stuff like this than being an absolute tool like some others in the wrestling industry.