John Cena ‘Knocked Out’ Top Smackdown Star

John Cena is a 16 time World Champion in WWE and has been the face of the company for over a decade until he shifted to a part-time scheduled back in 2017. Many fans have been wanting to see Cena make his return at this year’s WrestleMania. John Cena’s ex-fiance Nikki Bella also sent a cryptic message to him recently. 



WWE Hall Of Famer Edge and John Cena had several high profile matches in their feud that spanned a good few years in the company. Back in 2006, John Cena beat Edge in a TLC match in the main event of the Unforgiven event to win the WWE Championship. During one instance of the match, Edge passed out after Cena used a ladder to lock in his STF submission on his opponent.

Edge spoke to Loudwire, where he confirmed that John Cena legitimately choked him out during the match.

“Yeah, I don’t know if it’s the first time I’ve been knocked out, but it’s the first time I was choked out. You can see it all unfold and all happen, and see the change on my face. My bottom lip started hanging, so that’s true. You don’t know how long has passed. That’s the crazy part about it.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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