John Cena Last Photo Before Royal Rumble Revealed

You can’t see John Cena but could we see him during the 2021 edition of the Royal Rumble? Fans are speculating that the former multi-time WWE Champion will be returning during the event even though Cena hasn’t hinted at appearing at the January classic. During his latest social media post on Instagram, Cena can be seen modeling a very stunning Rolex watch while on his Twitter account he posted the following. John Cena shooting down WWE signing James Storm was recently reported.



Never lose curiosity. It’s normally replaced with apathy or arrogance. Neither will nurture growth.

In other news concerning the future WWE Hall of Famer, former WWE writer and known Hollywood actor Freddie Prinze Jr discussed how John Cena confused him for Ashton Kutcher in a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet. He told Van Vliet the following. Credit to for the transcription. John Cena agrees to three big WWE matches.

“This is how it started. He started off calling me Ashton Kutcher and Hollywood. I started an acting class, a promo class basically. The class started and we had like two people. By the time we left, we had like 80% of the roster. I would have like 40 or 50 people in the room, all trying to get time. We’re in there and I would bring them scenes from movies that I knew they liked. I would bring them a scene, a two person scene, where they could act with another person and I would show them how the actors in that movie broke it down based on my experience. I told them they have to own it and believe in it. We were doing this scene and John walks in and totally interrupts the class and just sandbags the whole thing. I stood up and I said, ‘Hey man. Let me talk to you outside.’ Now I’m not getting fired. I can say anything I want to this guy. The only person that could fire me is Vince and he’s already empowered me enough that I know that. We walked outside and I said, ‘Dude, what are you doing man?’ These are his words, not mine. He said, ‘Well maybe I’m a Neanderthal, but you either have it or you don’t.’ I said, ‘Brother, you have it, so you don’t need to be here, but someone has to show these other people how to do it. If you’re not gonna, then who is?’ He didn’t say anything to me and he walked away.’ John Cena challenged to WrestleMania match.

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Michael Joseph
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