John Cena Major Smackdown Return Spoiler Leaks

With WWE bringing back live shows, you know they have to set it off in a huge way that only WWE can do. It no seems like we will be seeing a big name at one of the first events that WWE will host…Reginald Misses Smackdown For ‘Bad’ Reason.



As previously noted, WWE officially announced that the company will be resuming a touring schedule starting with the July 16th episode of Smackdown which is huge news for those who want to get back to live shows.

There have been tons of rumors swirling around that WWE will be bringing in a legend to help kick off the live shows again and to really pop ticket sales up.

WWE are currently saying that they would want to bring back John Cena and other top stars once the company started touring again. Dave Meltzer from FW4online had the scoop for this…

Dave stated the following on what is going on behind the scenes: “Regarding talk of John Cena being on the first WWE show back with fans on 7/16, I was told that this is still being discussed.”

It should be noted that John Cena recently posted a photo on Instagram of the WWE logo which fueled return rumors although Cena has been known for randomly teasing fans on the platform to get a pop in ratings and sales for WWE.

Special thanks to NoDQ for the transcription.

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