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John Cena might be absent from RAW reunion

John Cena will most likely not be appearing for the RAW reunion show this week and while fans will be upset at his absence, there is a reason for this.

Cena is a bonafide movie star as his Hollywood career has truly taken off. While he was busy shooting for the Fast & The Furious film last week, according to a report by Dave Meltzer, Cena is also busy working on the Suicide Squad 2 movie.

So, owing to his involvement in the DC movie, he will not be appearing for the RAW reunion show. Details regarding Cena’s role in the movie are unknown as of now, but it is believed he will be playing the role of the Peacemaker.

Perhaps we will see him back in the ring someday in the future. For now, RAW reunion will go on without him.

  • CC

    Nice to see you got this one 100% spot on, Harrison … oh.

    Suicide Squad starts filming in Sept according to most reports.

  • KalEl

    So in other words, plan for cena to be there

  • Soulshroude

    Good. No one wants to see his sorry ass, anyway.

  • R.T. Red

    Title says may be absent and the article says will be absent.

  • The Random Reader

    Why should i be upset? I’m NOT a fan of Joke Cena and never will