John Cena Missing Live Events, Concern Over New WWE Star and More

Partial source: PWTorch, F4Wonline



– John Cena will be off house shows during the month of December in order to film his next movie, Oxley’s Road. This straight-to-DVD project has Cena playing the role of a pro wrestler whose younger brother is trying to make it as a high school wrestler.

– The premiere edition of Tyler Reks’ new online show Reks in Effect has been posted on He spends the entire time insulting fellow ECW star Sheamus and says a beatdown is coming his way.

– There is ongoing concern regarding the attitude of SmackDown newcomer Eric Escobar, who was recently called up to the main roster after spending four years in developmental. He’s had a reputation for being a “headcase” since he was teaming with RAW wrestler Primo in developmental, and he still carries that stigma to this day.

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