John Cena Posts Interesting Steve Austin Photo

WWE veteran star John Cena recently took to his social media account and acknowledged today as the special day which is the “Austin 3:16 Day” referred to the WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.



John Cena addresses Steve Austin

WWE Universe know how much important of a date March 16 is. In a post on his official Instagram handle, the 16 time World Champion acknowledged today’s date as “Austin 3:16 Day” to honor WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin’s iconic quote. John Cena had banned one of the stars in WWE to use his move

Stone Cold is a legend in true sense and during his time in WWE was one of the top stars of the company.His legendary “Austin 3:16” promo after winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament is still one of the memorable promos in the history of the company.

Even WWE released an official statement on their website discussing about Steve Austin’s timeless promo and the important date in the WWE calender. WWE Hall of Famer makes a bold claim.

The website read:

“There have been many memorable and timeless catchphrases throughout WWE history, but few have altered the very fabric of reality quite like “Austin 3:16.” Because of the impact of this phrase, March 16 is officially Austin 3:16 Day!”

The WWE Hall of Famer would be happy with the honor as the fans would continue to pour their love and pay tribute to the legend.

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