John Cena ‘Racist’ Segment Censored By Peacock

You can no longer see this John Cena content, at least on Peacock! NBC’s hit Peacock streaming service recently absorbed WWE Network in the United States and it’s not been without it’s own series of changes and hiccups with WWE issuing a statement due to issues due to streaming difficulties for their 2021 Fastlane pay-per-view event, for example. In a new and exclusive development, one member of the WWE Universe recently posted a new occurrence regarding the transfer of WWE content to Peacock. This John Cena ‘legit fight’ with a WWE Hall of Famer recently leaked.



Over on the ‘Behind the Curtain’ Facebook group, one fan stated how NBC and Peacock is quietly removing ‘problematic’ and ‘controversial’ content from WWE’s past, including the Vince McMahon/John Cena ‘N-Word’ fiasco from Survivor Series 2005 and the infamous moment that ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper wore blackface on half of his body during WrestleMania 6 prior to and during a match with Bad News Brown. The fan, who will remain anonymous had the following remarks to say. It should be noted that Wrestling-Edge verified and corroborated their story.

“Peacock has already started censoring and removing content off of WWE programming from the “Network.” The entire segment from Survivor Series 2005 with Bischoff/Vince/Booker/Cena is completely gone in the Peacock version. This is the one where Vince uses the N-word to Cena. They also completely removed the piper/bad News brown match from WM VI because of the blackface.”

The fan continued: “I understand it was cringeworthy, and pretty reprehensible in hindsight, but at the same time, this opens the door to a very slippery slope for censoring. I mean 75% of the attitude era should probably be censored in hindsight too, as should 90% of ECW. I wonder where it will stop and start.” John Cena posted this interesting Steve Austin photo not too long ago.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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