John Cena & Randy Orton Pay Tribute To Edge Following Raw

After Raw went off the air, Randy Orton gave the RKO to Alex Riley. John Cena then gave the Attitude Adjustment to The Miz.



Both Cena and Orton paid their respects to Edge, who announced earlier in the show that he would never compete again due to a serious spinal condition. Cena referred to him by his real name, Adam Copeland. Cena recalled Edge winning the WWE Championship from him in the Elimination Chamber and that people thought he would never amount to more than a tag team champion.

Cena mentioned that when Edge said he was leaving due to medical reasons, he wasn’t joking. Cena asked for one more send-off from the audience so Edge could hear them backstage.

Cena placed the microphone in the center of the ring and the crowd gave Edge a standing ovation. Both Cena and Orton left the ringside area to conclude the event.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

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