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John Cena Regrets His Comments Made About The Rock Being a ‘Part-Timer’

WWE Superstar John Cena once criticized former WWE Champion The Rock for leaving the WWE for Hollywood and becoming one of the highest grossing actors the world knows today, but has taken a step back on those claims after realizing some success of his own on the big screen. Killing it in roles on films such as Trainwreck and Sisters and getting the opportunity to host shows such as The Today Show to SNL, Cena recently stated that his old claims about The Rock being a ‘part-timer’ were just plain stupid:

“I consider what I said back then the stupidest stuff ever.

“I was looking at it through very blinded eyes and I really wanted The Rock to come back to the WWE and I figured that hitting him where it hurts would get him back to the WWE. And it worked. But I’ve apologized to him in person, I’m on the web for the world to see – I was wrong, he was right. He’s now the highest paid actor in Hollywood, he has transcended this business and I think anything, any time a Superstar can give what he’s given to the WWE, and then transcend the WWE, that’s good for all of us.”

  • JC Bolden

    Not even close. I’m sure they told him to say this. I’m a huge Rock fan but the cat only wrestled full time in wwe for like 4.5-5 years. Went part time went sub part time then left. Wouldn’t go by The Rock wouldn’t acknowledge WWE said that part of his life was over ect. Cena unless it was injury hasn’t missed major time at all. Few months here and there but since everyone hates him so much why do they care?

  • D2K

    I don’t see how the situations are even remotely similar. The Rock left the company for greener-pastures in Hollywood and never looked-back. He changed his profession. Yeah, he said that he was “home” and “never leaving again” but that didn’t mean he was back to wrestle on a full-time basis. The Rock has been around here and there off-and-on since his 2011 return. It’s not like before where he was completely separated from the company on his own accord.

    Meanwhile John Cena has basically wrestled straight-through that entire time only being out for injuries. He shouldn’t feel guilt for taking some time off. He’s earned it.

  • MindTricked

    Yeah, I bet he’s been regretting that for the better part of two years now (and especially the past six months or so).