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John Cena on if he is retired from in-ring competition after his loss at No Mercy

John Cena

As seen last night on No Mercy, Roman Reigns outlasted John Cena in a ‘dream match’ and the Big Dog defeated the Leader Of Cenation in their mega-bout.

Though after the match, Cena stayed in the ring for a while and as he started making his way to the stage ‘Thank You Cena’ chants broke out, leaving many fans wondering about the future of the former World Champion.

After the show ended, John appeared on the Raw Talk and during it; he was asked the question everybody has in mind- If he’s retired from in-ring competition.

Answering to it, the Free Agent said that he is not done yet, though the former US Champion also noted that he is not sure if he can keep going at the pace he has been going at.

It’s worth noting here that John Cena is expected to take time off after his loss at No Mercy to start shooting his Transformers spin-off movie and he is currently not advertised for TLC.

Though he is being advertised for the Survivor Series PPV which means he wouldn’t stay out for very long and he will be back on WWE TV within a matter of weeks. You can watch the comments of John Cena in the video below:

  • Nicholas2778

    I glad they did this match at No Mercy now an not at Wrestlmania.

  • ROB-1.

    Vince will try anything for the fans to like Reigns.

  • pitfallharry219

    They should’ve had Roman go full psycho and beat the dog mess out of Cena. All the crap Cena talked about him and Reigns just hugs him and that’s it? It also would’ve helped explain Cena being gone.

    They messed up with the finishes to both main events tonight.