John Cena reveals which former TNA World Champion he wants to face

EC3 had expressed the desire to face John Cena in an interview recently and speaking to he had said that he wants a match against the Cenation leader and wants to “vanquish” him at WrestleMania.



Now it appears that Cena himself is also interested in facing the former TNA World Champion and the newest NXT Star somewhere down the line as well.

During a recent Q&A session at MegaCon Convention, John was asked about which current NXT Star he wants to face and the 16-time World Champion took the name of EC3:

“There is a fellow who just arrived and his name is EC3, I put him at the top of the list because he has been involved with WWE before, and he is now back, reinvigorated, revitalized, in good shape and is feeling confident about himself.”

Since the company has also been promoting this bout it looks only a matter of time before we see these two stars colliding inside a WWE ring . Would you be interested in seeing a match between the two? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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