John Cena rumored for major role in a superhero movie

We noted before how John Cena landed a huge role in a Transformers spin off movie named Bumblebee, and now it appears that the Superman of WWE can be playing the role of a superhero on the big screen too.



According to reports from a film website, We Got This Covered, Cena is currently one of the frontrunners for the lead role in the upcoming superhero movie Shazam.

For those who don’t know, Shazam is a superhero character, whose film rights are owned by DC Comics. He is a teenage boy who was given the power of gods by a wizard and he turns into an adult with superpowers when he says the word Shazam.

Interestingly, The Rock was originally attached to this project too and he was supposed to play the role of Black Adam, the main villain in the movie. However, the project has been pushed back several times and it has been rumored that he will not be appearing in the initial Shazam film.

While these reports are not confirmed yet, John Cena being considered for such as major role is a big news and if he does get this part then it will be a major leap for his Hollywood career.

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