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John Cena Speaks On Why He Won’t Turn Heel And Being Authentic

  • Solid

    I guess so, but I think in WWE he won’t have a chance being controlled by Vince etc… where Hogan had at least some freedom in WCW to do it, somehow I don’t think Hogan would have ever turned heel in WWE the way he did in WCW.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I think he could pull he could pull he could pull it off. He would just have to be arrogant and would act the the WWE universe owes him everything. Maybe even mix it up and create a corporate Cena and get rid of the same attire he’s been wearing for the last 10+ years. Not saying Cena is a good actor, but if he never goes heel, I think that would be an extreme waist of what could be a great heel turn/program. Look what it did for Hogan and nobody thought he could do it.

  • CC

    Fact is we have still had some great heels in the PG era who do not rely on smut, blood and all that non pg stuff. Guys like Rollins, Edge, Jericho and CM Punk come to mind for instance. All three of those guys could switch to face at the drop of a hat too.
    All this proves that Cena does not want to turn heel because he wants the adoration of kids etc, and does not have the talent to actually play a heel with any conviction.

  • Mister Who

    Yes i do, i remember reading years ago, that Cena was the one who gave Vince McMahon the idea of making WWE PG for the whole family mostly kids, and he admitted it, and also changing the name of his finisher FU to Attitude Adjustment all because of the kids, and he says he misses the blood and things from the Attitude Era, and yet refuses to turn heel because of PG?

  • D2K

    Anyone else see the hypocrisy of John Cena talking about what it means to be “authentic?” Dude, you haven’t been authentic in 10 years.

    John Cena already been exposed as to being one-dimensional. He doesn’t have the ABILITY to change, yet he hides behind excuses as to why he doesn’t. Every top-tier current and future HOFer has changed with the times to remain relevant.

    People just need to stop reacting to John Cena entirely. No more booing. Just don’t even respond. In the world of pro-wrestling there is nothing more deafening than silence.

  • Solid

    Someone said ages ago that he’s a mediocre actor, and can’t/couldn’t portray an effective heel without toilet humor and other crudeness not present in the WWE post PG (would also explain the fact that his face character has been 90% the same for the last decade +) and for the most part I agree (cant remember who said it, was a comment here several months ago the last time someone asked Cena for the 42,623 time about turning heel)

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Such a shame. I like and rep sect Cena as a human being, but his character is so bland and repetitive. He’s does nothing but cut the same promos, everyt one he’s on tv. It’s time to shake things up with Cena.