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John Cena suffers ankle injury

John Cena - Drew McIntyre

John Cena’s latest run in the WWE has taken yet another turn, this time due to an injury suffered by the 16-time world champion.

Cena was originally slated to work a program with Lars Sullivan, an NXT call-up that the company seemed pretty high on. However, after an anxiety attack, Sullivan needed time to adjust. While the WWE has reportedly been very understanding with Sullivan’s situation, the show needed to go on.

Last week, Cena took part in a Fatal-4-Way match featuring Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin. The Scottish Psychopath dealt some hefty damage to Cena, even locking him in an Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring.

The company originally sent out a tweet regarding the spot, where it looked like Cena had been injured during the transition out of the submission, but have since deleted it.

BREAKING: @JohnCena’s status for this Sunday’s Men’s #RoyalRumble Match is in question following an injury he suffered last week on #RAW.

Though the tweet was deleted, the article on the WWE’s site was not. You can check out the full piece here. The WWE also claimed that John Cena aggravated the injury while at the gym, and this could very well keep him out of the Royal Rumble.

Whether this is part of a storyline or is legit, we don’t really know. However, this would be a tough blow to the WWE one week away from one of their biggest PPV’s of the year.

Cena is also set to start filming for his next movie, Playing With Fire, on February 4th, which will run through April 1st.

  • CC

    As I say, these insiders all seem to have different stories. We have seen stories of them being understanding. Then it was they are upset with him. And now we are apparently back to them being understanding.
    This is why I only take so much stock in these reports. Same as all the talent supposedly asking for release.

  • CC

    Not being anti-Cena or anything, but how is it a tough blow for WWE?
    He was just a fluff piece in the Royal Rumble, and highly doubtful they had any big plans for him coming out of that.
    At least this way, one of the other under utilised talent on the roster can actually have a spot on the PPV they would have otherwise missed out on.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Ok so A) now the WWE is sympathetic to Lars? I thought you guys reported that they were upset, espcially Vince? B) a huge blow? Nobody cares that Cena might miss the RR.