John Cena Talks BodyChange and Ribbing, Twitter TV Ratings for Monday’s Post-Rumble RAW

– Monday’s post-Rumble RAW ranked #3 for the night in Nielsen’s new Twitter TV ratings, trailing MTV’s Teen Wolf and ABC’s The Bachelor. RAW had a unique audience of 1.817 million, which represents the number of Twitter accounts that commented on the show. RAW had total impressions of 11.719 million, which represents the number of times the show was tweeted about.



– MTV’s Guy Code blog interviewed John Cena to promote his BodyChange fitness program. Cena talked about why he started the program:

“You should go into a gym and just look around. People paying good, hard-earned money and they don’t know what the F they’re doing. I go to gyms all across the world and with about 75% of the people I see I just want to go up to and say, “Hey! You’re doing it wrong! Stop wasting your time!” But you can’t. They’re on their own deal, everyone has to find their own way.”

He also talked about one line he won’t cross with his fellow WWE Superstars:

“Rule number one: don’t rib unless you want to be ribbed. If you prank someone, someone is going to get you back. It may not be the person you pranked, because they might not be good at pranks, but we’ve got our homies. We’ve got our wolf. We call in another prankster and he’ll get you back. So, you got to respect peoples personal space and don’t rib unless you want to be ribbed.”

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