John Cena Talks About His Career and The Rock, The Miz Talks About Adam Rose’s Character

– The Miz recently spoke with to promote this weekend’s WWE live event in Philadelphia, where he will face Adam Rose. Miz commented on Rose:



“He’s very flamboyant, maybe I would have liked him in my 20s. Nah, I wouldn’t have. But he’s coming in trying to take my spot, and I’m going to show him he can’t have it.”

– John Cena recently spoke with to promote his upcoming Wizard World appearance. Cena commented on his career and the future:

“A lot’s happened. Physically, I’m just getting started. There’s plenty left to do. Every day is another opportunity. So it’s been a long and great ride.”

Cena also was asked about going in the direction of The Rock and making a name in Hollywood once his wrestling career is over. He replied:

“Oh, no. Dwayne? There’s only one Dwayne Johnson. I’d like to be myself, so I’ll find a path doing something. I don’t know if it’s going to be filling his shoes. He’s set the bar pretty high.”

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