John Cena talks real backstage rivalry with Roman Reigns

John Cena and Roman Reigns might be going back-and-forth in the ring and on the microphone. But it turns out there is a legit feud going on backstage between these two huge names in WWE.



John Cena recently spoke to E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness where he discussed the legit tension backstage.


“You know me dude, every time I’m out there it’s real emotion and that’s the thing. I refuse to just read what someone else [wrote for me]. Like I said I’m obsessed with the storytelling. In a very legitimate sense, my biggest hangup with Roman Reigns as a frontrunner of the WWE is the fact that he seems to lack with his ability to communicate with the audience.”

“It’s not that he can’t — because I know Roman. Socially he’s a great guy. He has a presence that’s undeniable so I know it’s there. But nobody has had the guts to try and bring it out of him. Nobody.”

“So my job in WWE is to either be the best or be a vehicle for the best. And I was gonna go out there and rip that kid every single week until he said ‘enough.’ And I thought his promo on Monday was great.” Cena admitted he got goosebumps from the promo because he only said what he needed to say while allowing Cena to cut a promo on himself. “I know that didn’t come from anyone else but him” John Cena added.

“Like [Roman Reigns] went home and was like ‘damnit I’m sick of it I’m gonna stamp it and that’s right here’ and he thought of that. And it was brilliant because you can see in his eyes that those are his words and that he believes it. His final look to the camera, the way he mockingly flipped the microphone — dude that’s a shot across somebody’s bow — a real shot and that’s why I watch.”

“Because even though Roman and I shake hands and play nice behind the curtain there’s an edge between the two of us of ‘bro I’m gonna hold onto this as long as I possibly can because I feel you’re not even close to my league.’ And him, as a younger talent says ‘who the hell is this guy and when’s he going home?'”

“And there is that conflict and that friction and it’s a professional very respectful rivalry but it is a definitive rivalry and it was the same with me and [The Rock] it was the same with anyone I’ve ever been there with because we all wanna strive to be that number one. And in a locker room that’s searching for personality, I think Roman knows who he is he just doesn’t have everybody every week to tee off on.”

“I think Roman has done his best work but I also think his toughest task is in front of him because he’s gonna have to recreate that passion every single night.”

Quotes in this article thanks to E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness


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