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John Cena talks about his reputation of ‘burying talents’

John Cena

Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that John Cena has done a lot for WWE in the past decade and he has proved to be a loyal employee for the company.

Though you can also not neglect the fact that he has a reputation of ‘burying talents’. During his recent interview with the Warp, the Cenation leader addressed this reputation. Below is what Cena said:

First John said that he has never asked anyone to ‘pull a punch’ while performing in the ring and stated that he had to earn every inch of what he has been given:

“If you look at my existence in WWE, I have never asked anyone and will never ask anyone to pull any punches, I believe that it’s a ‘Strong Survive’ environment, and accept nothing less. I think people forget my [history] in WWE sometimes and the fact that I truly had to earn every inch. There is this overwhelming perception that I am protected and coddled — that couldn’t be father from the truth.”

Continuing on the topic, the former World Champion claimed that this is the reason why he has a reputation of burying talents because he lets the talent do whatever they want and then punches back:

“This is why I have the reputation of quote-unquote ‘burying younger talent,’ because I will let them do whatever they want with me — and then after they get done, they’re not as motivated, So, it’s not that I sink their ship, it’s that they fail to operate at an elite level. And I’m on to the next person, [to] whom I say, “Hey man, bring your best punch and I’m gonna punch back” — and they don’t take that attitude beyond me.”

Finally, the former 16-time world champion summed it up in a single line saying that it’s all about how much you are willing to invest:

“It’s all just about how much you’re willing to invest and how strongly you believe in what you want to do”

What are your thoughts on the whole controversy revolving around John Cena? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

  • D2K

    Hogan was never a stiff in the ring. Hogan sold all his opponent’s offense. Almost to an oversell-level. The only thing he didn’t sell were finishers, which was part of his gimmick. Lack of selling is not a John Cena issue, but an INDUSTRY-issue right now.

    John Cena can make all the suggestions he wants, but ultimately it is Vince McMahon who decides what happens. Sure Cena could make his requests known to management, but that isn’t going to change Vince’s mind. Any wrestler would be happy to be made to look better than their opponents. You certainly don’t want to be made to look worse.

    How do we know that Cena HASN’T been lobbying for certain guys and gals behind the scenes for getting pushes? That’s why I don’t hold anything against him in this reagrd right now because there is no information that I have heard from any wrestler on John Cena politicking to hold anyone back. Not saying it hasn’t happened. Just saying I’ve never heard it happen myself. Of course we know Hogan has done his fair share both good and bad. We’ve seen him refuse to do jobs, yet we have seen him put guys over.

    John Cena doesn’t have the pull that Hulk Hogan did. Or even to a lesser-extent Steve Austin for that matter. If John Cena retired today WWE would go on just fine. If John Cena retired in 2009, WWE would have been just fine. If John Cena never got over and flamed-out on Smackdown, WWE would have gone on just fine.

    If Hulkamania never got over, the WWF could have gone bankrupt. If Steve Austin had never gotten over, the WWF WOULD have gone bankrupt.

    Focusing on Hogan, Honky Tonky Man stated in his shoot-interview on Hannibal TV that Hogan lobbied for Vince to bring in the Honky Tonk Man and for him to get the IC strap (mostly because Honky and David Schultz looked out for him and Beefcake when starting out their careers.) However in both cases it was Vince McMahon that made the decision of “yes” or “no.” Of course later on Honky says Hogan screwed him over in WCW. Have to mentioned that also.

    The point is that it’s easy to say “John Cena Buries Talent.” It’s good copy and it’s click-baity. However when you actually unpack that you find that there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of misinformation based on biases and assumptions.

  • CC

    Not solely maybe, but if he really wanted to he could stand up for guys he thinks should get a push.
    With his backstage pull, I am sure if he said that he was not gonna bury people, he could actually have a say in it.
    Plus, the management are not responsible for his lack of selling. Same of Hogan too.
    No matter what he says, he loves that fact that he is made out to look better than anyone else.

  • Because this way. if you look at Kevin Owens, his first feud was with Cena. Cena put him over and Owens never stopped working harder after that. He won the Universal Championship and became a main event player on Raw.

  • D2K

    “That couldn’t be father from the truth.” Who’s father John? Got something on your mind there perhaps? 🙂

    I’m not going to make the usual cliche’ about excuses, but most people know what it is. Truth be told, it’s WWE management the buries talents, but they use John Cena as the shovel, dump truck, and cement-mixer.

  • CC

    So when he no sells peoples moves and powers out of finishers with ease, its because they don’t punch back as hard? All he is going on about is “new” talent, but what about existing talent who is has buried as well?
    Is he saying they are not elite as well?
    Maybe with a new guy you should nurture them, not hit them and see how hard they hit back. Maybe the new guys are worried about being responsible for injuring the “top dog” in the company as they don’t wanna go the way of say Mr Kennedy back in the day.

  • michae gokey

    I think what he is saying is that the younger talent that he lets get over on him must bring the same intensity after they are done wrestling Cena. Cena is famous for being the guy who is faced first by new talent. The fans get a surprise when they set it up for Cena to lose to a new guy. But are these guys going to bring the same intensity afterwards when they are facing just another guy on the roster, not the face of the company. Its about work performance in other words.

  • Omar

    All that would make sense IF pro-wrestling was an actual sport. The fact that pushes, opponents and outcomes of matches are predetermined makes his argument moot.