John Cena Warned WWE Star In Dressing Room

WWE star R-Truth has been with the company for a long time now and his character portrays John Cena to be his ‘childhood hero’, often imitating his moves in the ring. Truth recently reflected on the time he first cam across John Cena in a WWE locker room.



R-Truth addresses the lies about his first meeting with John Cena

It seems that meeting wasn’t their first, however. The two had a run-in at an airport shortly after R-Truth released a diss song aimed at Cena and WWE.

While their first meeting was cordial, the rumor mill ran wild. R-Truth told Smoothvega on Premier Live TV’s “Nothing Beats Experience” that Konnan is to blame for the lies being spread.

R-Truth recalled knowing how big of a star Cena became when he returned to WWE in 2008. He said the entire locker room couldn’t wait to see if he and Cena were going to fight.

“When I signed back to the company, Cena was the big dog and everybody was waiting for us to meet face-to-face,” R-Truth said. “Everybody was waiting, knew I signed back. The boys are so crazy, man. Umanga, RIP Umaga, man, he got me to come back and even he was in the locker room. When I got to the locker room, all of the boys were sitting down just watching.”

With much anticipation from the locker room, R-Truth and Cena shared some words:

“Cena was in the bathroom,” R-Truth said. “So, when I came in I didn’t notice. They’re all sitting there waiting. When he came in, he looked, he said, ‘We not gonna have any problems, are we?’ I said, ‘Man, hell no. I’m on your ship.'”

This took the air right out of the balloon for the locker room, and R-Truth revealed what “the boys” said after their hopes for a physical confrontation were dashed.

“‘Ah man, sh*t!'”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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