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John Cena on wrestlers dying young; Cena reveals what he feels causes it

John Cena speaks about wrestlers dying young.

John Cena recently gave his take on professional wrestlers dying young, and what he feels is the cause behind, what many consider to be pre-mature deaths in the industry. Cena has been busy promoting his recently released movie The Wall, and in an interview with Kristopher Tapley, weighed in on the controversial issue.

Professional wrestling has witnessed several stars die way too young, owing to issues ranging from drug-abuse, to CTE (Cumulative Traumatic Encephalopathy) and other forms of brain damage; that’s more often than not attributed to the hectic schedule they go through while performing on the road. Be it Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Miss Elizabeth or Test, the examples are endless.

Not one to shy away from broaching sensitive topics, John Cena opined the premature deaths in professional wrestling to be more a result of the respective athletes’ personal choices rather than that of the actual sport. According to Cena, surviving the rough n’ tumble world of pro-wrestling depends on the individual competitors and how they react to life on the road.

“There are a lot of guys that did all those dates on the road and they’re fine. And there are a lot of guys who lived like there was no tomorrow and guess what: when you do that there’s no tomorrow. Like, that stuff catches up with you plain and simple.” (*John Cena on individual pro-wrestling competitors being responsible for their own well-being; *H/T to Wrestling-Edge for the transcription*)

Furthermore, the 16-time world champion went on to praise the WWE for the financial assistance and health-care that the company provides its wrestlers in case of injuries, besides revealing that WWE also helps its performers gain access to secondary-education in order to facilitate them to move on after they retire from the sport.

John Cena hasn’t competed since Wrestlemania 33 last month, and as we had previously reported, the Leader of the Cenation is scheduled to appear on the 4th of July edition of SmackDown Live.

Regardless, despite being a huge fan of the man formerly known as the Doctor of Thuganomics, I’d have to agree to disagree with John on his views on the topic we just discussed. The truth is that most pro-wrestling competitors don’t necessarily have the access or rather should I say privilege that Cena has earned over the course of his career, with a vast majority of performers ending up with little to no savings after a career full of bumps and bruises.

Hence, Yours Truly disagrees with John Cena. In my humble opinion, although Cena is right in stating the cold, hard fact of every man for himself, so to speak, we mustn’t judge those who choose to live their life on the edge, as we can’t possibly say what they’ve been through in their personal lives that preceded their questionable choices after tasting success in the sport. Thou shalt not judge!

  • MrDr3w

    When did W-E go from reporting the news, to writing biased editorials?

  • jedi

    Cena spoke perfectly, live like the there is no tomorrow & there won’t be one! What is there to disagree with?