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John Cena’s scheduled Wrestlemania match might still happen

John Cena

John Cena is out of action due to an ”injury” he suffered before RAW this week. No one from the WWE locker room had any idea of this and were surprised when they heard about it. Lars Sullivan has been going through personal issues as well, which definitely held back WWE’s plans for him.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that Cena might still be facing Lars at Wrestlemania, which was WWE’s original plan for Lars. It is possible that the company decided to change the way the feud would go about, as originally Lars was supposed to attack Cena on RAW and write Cena off WWE television, but that did not happen.

“The idea was I guess was that he was going to destroy John Cena, take John Cena out of the Royal Rumble and then set up Cena vs Lars Sullivan at the WrestleMania show. So John Cena starts a new movie on Sunday which is why he’s being taken out of the Royal Rumble.”

“Lars Sullivan didn’t show up on RAW or SmackDown a few weeks ago and hasn’t been seen since and so they had Cena injure himself I guess allegedly lifting weights and he’s questionable for The Rumble so I presume that he’s going to be doing the movie that day he’s not going to be in The Rumble and maybe Lars will debut at the Royal Rumble. Maybe Lars will debut on the RAW after the Royal Rumble. Whenever he debuts I guess they can set up the John Cena match then. So that looks to be what happens with John Cena.”

It is also to be noted that Lars may not debut at all, which could be why WWE wrote Cena off the way they did. We will have to wait and see what becomes of Lars Sullivan.

  • CC

    Blah blah blah. Same story over and over again. Lars vs Cena .. check. Injury is fake .. check. Cena is filming a movie .. check. People are surprised .. check.

    The fact that so much of this information is contradictory, is what makes this even worse.
    Now if WWE knew he was doing a movie, and were going to write him off TV a couple of weeks ago with an attack by Sullivan, why are people “surprised” he has “injured” himself and is now out of the Rumble?
    Surely everyone knew he was not going to be in it if they knew he was starting filming and the Sullivan attack would have been the reason for him to not make it to the PPV. So when Sullivan pulled out due to his issues, surely these “surprised” people should have just expected a new reason would be created to keep him off the Rumble, because it is not like the film makers are going to delay the start of their movie just because things did not work out with Sullivan.