John Laurinaitis Angry Firing Phone Call Revealed

ECW legend Sabu recently recalled the time when John Laurinaitis had fired him. He revealed that it took place after the hardcore legend turned down the offer to compete in a WWE ECW match. WWE Smackdown Diva Caught Reading Script



Sabu opens up on the furious phone call from John Laurinaitis

The ECW legend was planned to lose against Kevin Thorn back in 2007. Although he had no problem with Thorn, the veteran was frustrated with his position in WWE at the time and did not want to wrestle.

Speaking in a Title Match Wrestling video, Sabu revealed he called John Laurinaitis earlier in the day and told him he would be late. WWE’s Head of Talent Relations yelled at Sabu and fired him after the incident:

“I show up way late and he goes, ‘Terry [Terry Brunk, Sabu’s real name], you’re doing this and you’re doing that.’ I go, ‘I don’t think so.’ He goes, ‘Why not?’ I said, ‘My neck hurts, I’m not doing nothing.’ He goes, ‘You worked in pain before.’ I said, ‘Not anymore I don’t.’ So they ended up firing me after that. I kind of quit and they fired me,” Sabu said.

Sabu further added that Laurinaitis “scolded” him and treated him like a child when they spoke on the phone before the show:

“I had to draw a line. That’s where I drew the line, ‘I’m not wrestling this guy, my neck hurts.’ And my neck did hurt, not enough to quit the match, but I was mad enough to quit the match. The way he [John Laurinaitis] was yelling at me over the phone, talking to me like a little kid. I was sort of giggling inside… He scolded me, calling at me, yelling at me, ‘Terry!’” he said.

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