John Morrison explains why he is returning to WWE now

The reports of John Morrison signing a new WWE contract were first heard a couple of months ago and WWE finally confirmed his signing earlier this month.



Morrison made his first WWE appearance since the news came out on WWE Bump recently and during the episode, he explained the reason why he decided to come back now.

The WWE star first explained that when he first left the promotion in 2011, his intent was to take a year off to make some movies but his break extended longer:

“When I left in 2011, I meant to take a year off, I wanted to take a year off, I wanted to make some movies and do my own thing for a little bit, and that year turned into 8 years. It’s crazy how fast the time flew and part of it was because I was having a lot of fun wrestling for these other places. And every time you wrestle for another place, you sign a contract, and then they want to have you sign for longer, and extend and extend.”

Explaining why he decided to join WWE Back now, the former IC Champion claimed that he realised recently that the time was flying by and he wanted to go back before 10 years passed:

Why did I come back or why did it take so long? I think I was just having so much fun doing what I was doing and I always meant to come back here, and it was at this point when I realized, man, I better get my ass back to WWE before 10 years goes by because time is flying.”

You can check out the full episode of The Bump featuring Morrison’s interview in the video below:

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