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John Morrison On Seth Rollins Being Out With An Injury: I Wish Him A Speedy Recovery Because I Want To Kick His A**

John Morrison, who goes by the name Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground, spoke with Alfred Konuwa of the PodNasty Wrestling Podcast about having more creativity and Seth Rollins currently being sidelined with an injury. Here are the highlights.

On having more creativity:

“I do feel like there’s not handcuffs here, so to speak, and creativity is more encouraged and people are more receptive to ideas here. WWE is sometimes a little bit micromanaged, and backstage everybody’s dragging their feet, walking on eggshells a little bit and here I don’t think that exists.”

On Seth Rollins’ current injury:

“There’s nothing worse than being injured, especially for somebody like Seth because he’s an artist in the ring. To have a broken wheel like he’s got right now has got to be killing him. I wish him a speedy recovery because I want to kick his ass one day. And I will say that I’m sure he can talk all kinds of trash to you or whoever, as long as I’m not in the room with him. But I also think that after his interview with you—and I might have said a few things back—I don’t think he’s ever going to say anything about me again because he knows at the end of the day I’m smarter, more talented, I’ve had a much longer, better career than him and if we’re ever in the ring together it’s going to be painfully obvious how much better than him I am.”

You can listen to the entire interview here:


  • Chris E.

    But that is the point of booking, right? Rollins was able to defend and feud with his NXT friends through most of his reign as champ. I am not doubting his talent as he came from ROH so that is without question. He must be a bit younger than Mundo as well? Comparing Seth’ WWE matches to Mundo’ Lucha Underground, Mundo has been wrestling better competition.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Here’s the thing, though… Which is more difficult? Getting a good match out of Kane, or getting one out of Prince Puma?

    I mean, I love Kane, but Mundo has a much easier job getting a classic match in this comparison. Of course he’s going to look better.

  • Chris E.

    I know I would rather watch Mundo vs. Prince Puma than Rollins vs Kane.

  • Solid

    Sorry John but Seth has more charisma and talent in his little finger than you have in your whole body, if you ever by some miracle end up back in WWE you’ll be lucky to make it onto NXT if not Superstars if that’s still going on.