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John Morrison reveals the reason behind his WWE departure, why he had to sell his house

John Morrison

Edge and Christian recently caught up with former WWE Star John Morrison for the latest episode of their E&C Pod Of Awesomeness podcast in which Morrison revealed some interesting details about his WWE departure. Below are some of the highlights from the podcast:

Revealing the reason why he left WWE, John said that he left because he wanted to do an action movie and he wanted to be able to do what he is best at:

“I knew I wanted to do a movie, an action movie, and when I left WWE in 2011, I didn’t specifically know. I didn’t leave to do Boone: The Bounty Hunter. I left to do a movie and I wanted to be able to do what I’m best at, which I think is pro wrestling, parkour, and MMA-style fight choreo.”

Continuing on the topic, the former WWE star said that according to the first draft of his movie which was then named ‘The Wednesday Night Delight’, the production would have cost $10 to $20 Million.

Though according to the former ECW Champion, he redrafted the script to lower the cost of making the film but then funded the filming by selling his house when he couldn’t find any financiers for it:

“I just kept cutting the budget further and further and further until we ended up with the current iteration of Boone, which I ended up having to fund because around 2014 it felt like, we had all this cast, director, and everyone attached. So I ended up selling my house to fund the production of Boone: The Bounty Hunter. And once I did that, I was locked in because a half-finished movie, it turns out, isn’t worth anything.”

Later in the interview, John Morrison also said that he usage pro wrestling slangs in everyday life such as saying that a bad waitress has ‘turned heel’ or a bad situation looks like ‘a TNA House Show’.