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John Morrison talks about Seth Rollins drinking his own kool-aid

John Morrison

John Morrison made his return to WWE, but he has yet to compete in the ring. It seems he might already have someone in mind to face off against.

John Morrison was on WWE The Bump, where Kayla Braxton talked about things Seth Rollins said about Morrison on a podcast years ago. While talking about his accomplishments, Rollins took a shot at Morrison. Now Morrison decided to give his thoughts regarding what Rollins said.

“So, this was a podcast? It’s easy to be that social media tough guy. He’s clearly an accomplishment-oriented guy, right? He’s citing all his past accomplishments. I feel like this is a guy who’s been drinking a lot of his own Kool-Aid, if you know what I mean. Sometimes you shouldn’t be drinking that much of your own Kool-Aid.”

“He likes to talk about how he’s the best, which is not something original in wrestling – like, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, HBK, Punk, Jericho – everyone likes to say they’re the best, but Rollins believes it and tweets about it, and tells everybody about it. Pretty much non-stop. I think he’s a Build-A-Bear Superstar, he’s a combination of a lot of guys.”

There might be a chance we will see Morrison square off against Rollins in the future. It all depends on which brand he joins in WWE. With Rollins turning heel, it would be a great time for John Morrison to feud with him.

h/t to  Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

  • Big Sexy

    I mean, honestly, who makes Kool-Aid and doesn’t drink it?