John Morrison Talks About Being Away from WWE, Getting Into Acting, and More

Big Smoothie from 95X of Syracuse, New York recently interviewed John Morrison, here are some highlights.



What he enjoys most about being away from WWE: “It’s nice to be in charge of my own destiny. That WWE express train pretty much monopolizes your own time. You’re doing shows around the world non-stop, over 200 shows a year. You don’t have time to pursue your own projects, or have many creative thoughts of your own. So, to be able to enjoy my family and friends, go surfing more, and work on some acting stuff, some stunt fighting, things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time that I didn’t have time to do recently has been pretty cool.”

Trying to get more acting gigs: “If you are going to try to get into acting, there are more opportunities in Los Angeles, where I happen to live so I’m pretty fortunate.”

Input for his character on the independent circuit: “The best thing that I get… what I wanted while I was there was autonomy; Autonomy to have my own ideas to have my own platform to do what I want to do and see that come to fruition, which is really cool. Basically, having that blank canvas, being able to do what I want makes is what will happen tonight.”

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