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Former WWE Star John Morrison believes House of Horrors and Total Deletion are ‘trends started in Lucha Underground’

John Morrison

Former WWE Star John Morrison recently had an interview with Buzzards Wrestling Podcast. Below are some of the highlights of his latest interview:

On the Miz still being in WWE after 11 years:

“He’s an extremely hard-working guy and one thing to note on successful professional wrestlers, in my opinion, is people believing their own hype, living their own gimmick, people who are emphatically themselves, The Miz is all those things. I think that’s why, when you’re watching him, he seems like The Miz all the time, there’s no slipping in and out of character and that’s because he’s doing him, that’s who he is, obviously with the volume turned up on TV. It’s rare that you can find somebody that’s so all-encompassing as a character and I think that’s why he’s been so successful.”

On the question of a possible WWE return:

“I feel the work that I’ve done for Lucha Underground is the best of my career, so am I interested in going back? Possibly and when, if, how, I don’t know. But I’m really happy with where I am, with Lucha Underground and now with the start of this 5 Star Wrestling tour, the biggest tournament in wrestling history, I feel like I’ve got a lot going on.”

When asked about WWE and TNA borrowing the filming style of Lucha Underground:

“Totally agree. I feel like Lucha Underground was the first promotion that’s really integrated the gritty, action movie feel with wrestling. Shooting the vignettes that stitch Lucha Underground together, with coverage like a TV show or a movie has set that trend. You’re right, the Total Deletion and WWE House of Horrors and even some of the costumes in WWE; I feel the trends were started in Lucha Underground.”

It’s worth noticing here that Lucha Underground is a promotion known to use innovative style while filming their shows. Many believe their style is borrowed by WWE and TNA and has been used in segments such as House of Horrors or the Total Deletion

  • David Klein

    Well I wonder if anyone remembers a little segment that we’d did with the ultimate warrior and jake the snake Roberts. Wrestling has been going on for almost a century there will never be anything new something will always be a rehash of something that someone else has done just get over it and try to enjoy the show damn