John Morrison’s return to the WWE started with a butt-dial from Vince McMahon

John Morrison’s new WWE Chronicle episode has garnered praise from a lot of people and that’s understandable. Fans have been wanting to see the Shaman of Sexy back in WWE for eight long years and now that he’s returned, we get to know how it finally happened.



In this episode of WWE Chronicle, Morrison revealed that by the end of his run as Impact Champion, he’d been wanting to go to a bigger promotion. And no promotion gets bigger than where it all began from JoMo ie the WWE.

So he texted Vince McMahon himself and let the boss know that he was ready to come back to the company. What happened next, however, is something that the former Intercontinental Champion didn’t expect.

McMahon called Morrison right back, much to the shock of Morrison, who panicked a bit before answering the call. However, Vince told Morrison that the call was a “butt-dial” and that suggested that they talked next week.

So the two got to talk and eventually Triple H entered the picture and soon enough, a deal was signed and decisions were made. Morrison noted that the talks with both the men went very smoothly.

Now, Morrison has his sights set on achieving big goals in the company, including main eventing WrestleMania. We hope that the Guru of Greatness has a phenomenal second-run with WWE.

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