The John Report: Why The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 29 Is Realistic



In the aftermath of my 20 WWE Ideas to Consider column, I received a similar comment many times on Twitter, Facebook and in email. That comment can be summarized with: “I like your ideas, but I don’t want to see The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania again.”

I get that. We saw it last year. It was a good match, but it wasn’t the kind of match that left us clamoring for more. My premise for the column featured ideas I wanted to see, and in the case of Cena/Rock, it was based on my best assumption that a rematch to headline WrestleMania 29 is very likely.

When Rock vs. Cena happened at WrestleMania 28 earlier this year. I figured there would be two scenarios for the outcome of the match.

1. Cena wins clean. Post match, Rock raises his hand out of respect.

2. Rock wins. It would lead a rematch at WrestleMania 29 where the first scenario happens, which means that Cena wins.

Obviously, the first option didn’t happen. Is the second scenario a “lock” to happen? No. Nothing in wrestling is ever a sure thing. Is it likely though? I think so.

My belief is that the reason Rock went over Cena clean at WrestleMania 28 is to build up Cena for another year to have him beat Rock clean at WrestleMania 29. This time the stakes would be raised because Rock would walk in as the WWE Champion.

I realize that a lot of people out there don’t really love this scenario. Between WrestleMania 27 and WrestleMania 28 all we heard about was Rock vs. Cena. By the time the match got here there was no way they could live up to the hype. Ultimately we got a very good match out of them in my opinion, but it was not the epic classic that some people might have expected.

I’m not here to say it’s the best thing WWE can do. I just think it’s the most realistic scenario that WWE will do when they get to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on April 7th, 2013.

What about at triple-threat match with CM Punk involved with these two? I think it’s unlikely. The Rock/Cena rematch is the draw. Triple threats do not do as well in terms of drawing interest for a match or making it seem more special.

The CM Punk involvement with Rock will lead to a match between the two with the WWE Championship on the line at the 2013 Royal Rumble. Whether CM Punk holds the title all the way to the Royal Rumble or he drops it soon before winning it back, I’d expect to see Rock challenging Punk for the WWE Championship?

Guess who would win that match? The Rock.

Think about it. If WWE doesn’t think enough of Punk to truly headline less important PPVs like Over The Limit, No Way Out and others then why would they have him in the last match at WrestleMania 29?

I’m not hating on Punk. It’s nothing like that. I think he truly is the “best in the world”—just like he says he is—and he’s been the highlight on WWE TV and PPV for the last year. There’s no doubt about any of it. All I’m saying is, realistically speaking, we know that WWE management doesn’t put Punk on the same pedestal as they do Rock or Cena.

The story writes itself. The Rock would win the WWE Championship. John Cena would win the Royal Rumble. The rematch is on.

The fact remains that Rock is the biggest name that WWE can put into a ring on April 7, 2013. Not only is he a WWE legend, but he garners the attention of the media. With the show taking place in the shadows of New York City, the center of the of media universe, the focus of the show will be on Rock wrestling in the main event. It wouldn’t be just any match. The stakes would be raised from the year prior. This would be The Rock in a WWE Championship match as the champion.

In Cena’s case, he has been the unquestionable top star in WWE since Rock stopped being a full time performer 10 years ago. Rock has beat Hogan, Austin and Cena at WrestleMania. Now it’s time for do something even bigger than that.

What’s that? Simple. Give back to the business that gave him so much in his life. Rock doesn’t “owe” us anything. He knows how the business works, though. He lost as many matches as any top guy in WWE history. Rock was the one that dropped major championship to the likes of Mick Foley (WWE Title), Kurt Angle (WWE Title), Chris Jericho (WCW Title) and Brock Lesnar (WWE Title) to name a few.

What does Rock have left to do in wrestling? Nothing. Except one thing. That’s the official passing of the torch over to John Cena. It’s not always about what we want or what you specifically want, Cena haters. It’s about what Vince McMahon feels is the best business decision for his company.

Think about it. April 7, 2013, at MetLife Stadium. Over 80,000 fan screaming their heads off in part because they’re excited, but also because it will keep them warm, too! You know what else there will be? More mainstream media press than any other match WWE could put on. That’s what drives business. That’s why it’s a business decision more than anything.

They could recreate the finish of last year. Cena could go for the People’s Elbow, Rock could pop to his feet, hit a Rock Bottom again and this time Cena could kick out. If there was a roof, it would blow off. Instead, Cena would fight back, hit the Attitude Adjustment and defeat The Rock in the middle of the ring.

Post match, Cena would be given the WWE Championship. Followed by a handshake and hug. Respect earned. Respect given.

End scene.


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