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Johnny Gargano on the 5 star match rating system

Johnny Gargano NXT

The 5-star match rating system of Wrestling Journalist Dave Meltzer is highly reputed but the at the same time it’s highly controversial as well, and over the years a lot of wrestling stars have criticized it.

During a recent interview with Alex McCarthy, NXT Star Johnny Gargano was asked about this system, and he said that if the fans are having fun in his match, then that’s all that matters to him.

Though continuing on the topic, the former DIY member said that he is still a wrestling fan and wrestling historian so getting 5 stars is still cool:

“But trust me, I am still a wrestling fan, and I am a wrestling historian and a wrestling purist at heart. So, getting five stars and things like that, it is cool because people do care about that, and it’s cool to see, and it’s a notch in my belt, I guess.”

Later in the interview, Johnny Gargano also talked about how the rating system is subjective and there are people who may give 2 or 3 stars to the 5 star rated matches.

  • CC

    Dave Meltzer knows everything, so if he rates a match however many stars, you better believe he is right.

    Or just ignore him like anyone with any common sense.

  • Soulshroude

    Is he talking WWE 2k games ratings systems? I’m slightly confused.