Johnny Gargano returns to NXT

Back in October, Finn Balor took out Johnny Gargano in a brutal attack. A 1916 to the steel ramp left the former NXT Champion out cold, and we’d not seen him since that night.



Tonight, Gargano finally returned. Finn Balor won a Triple Threat match last week to earn a shot at Adam Cole’s NXT Championship this week. It was a great back-and-forth contest and another fantastic NXT title bout.

Finn Balor seemed to have the match won, and was setting up for the 1916. However, he was distracted by the returning Johnny Gargano. With the ref’s back turned to the competitors, Adam Cole hit Balor with a low blow and followed up with the Last Shot.

Gargano cost Balor the NXT Championship but wasn’t done there. After the match, he battered the Prinxe with a steel chair, sending him to the back.

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