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Johnny Gargano talks about NXT being considered as a lower brand

Not many superstars have been able to take full use of NXT the way Johnny Gargano has. He joined the brand with no contract as WWE didn’t have one for him. Through sheer determination and hard work, Gargano showed that he is one of the top talents in the company.

However, no matter how many TakeOver specials Gargano partakes in and shows he steals, some fans will always consider NXT as just WWE’s developmental territory. Johnny Gargano does not see it the same way.

Gargano recently spoke to Newsweek, where he went into detail explaining how NXT is far more than just a mere development territory.  Here is what he had to say:

“I definitely don’t think it is (a developmental brand). If you look at our shows, Takeovers, live events it’s definitely not a downgrade, ok? People want to be in NXT, people on the main roster want to be in NXT. NXT is the hottest thing going today.”

“In some circumstances, there is still a developmental side of the Performance Center. We do sign people from different backgrounds who are learning how to wrestle and learn to do what we do. But you look at the TV show, those guys on television are TV stars. They are main event players and that’s where the developmental kind of goes away. In a way, you’re constantly changing and evolving.”

“Even the main roster is developmental because you’re learning all the time. NXT is looked upon as ‘a lower brand,’ but it should be like how when you move to RAW or Smackdown. Instead of ‘moving up’ it’s moving over to a different brand. You never know, guys can come back here, things can obviously change in the future. But how I see it, RAW, SmackDown, NXT. Those are the big three.”

A great superstar always tries to improve his repertoire by learning more moves and tactics. This is definitely the mindset Johnny Gargano has, and he continues to hone his craft in the ring.

  • Luke

    That’s a very different conversation, but I’m not sure how you can claim that 205 live has been turned around. Where’s the evidence for that? It’s on the WWE network, so there aren’t any ratings available. If you mean that you personally think it’s a better show, that isn’t really evidence.

    My point was that they aren’t going to throw out the brand name WWE. That is the brand that Saudi Arabia paid through the nose for. Bearing in mind they were asking for people like the Ultimate Warrior to appear, do you believe they are up enough on the current product that they would have paid as much for a brand called NXT? No. That’s why the initials WWE are staying. There is history and wide-ranging public recognition of that brand. As much as we enjoy NXT, Johnny Public doesn’t know anything about it. Throwing away an internationally recognised brand name in favour of a brand name that doesn;t even appear on domestic television is a striaghtforwardly bad idea.

  • Griffin

    So with that logic and WWE’s current state of affairs, how can they “bounce back” from the stagnant (my opinion) state that they have been in? You’d think that eventually Triple H would have creative control over RAW and SmackDown. He took over 205 Live and turned the show around. So if that isn’t enough evidence, then kindly explain how they can improve using the existing brand building power.

  • Luke

    They’re not going to throw away 40 years of brand-building. People have only just stopped saying “WWF”. Changing from WWE to NXT wouldn’t be a smart business decision, even if the smarks would like it.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe they are slowly going that route.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe the vision from HHH is to change the WWE name itself into NXT. I see it coming why you think it the NXT guys starting to get a much bigger push.

  • Griffin

    And thats why I think the main roster should have their shows formatted like NXT. From promos to in ring action.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    A) it is WWE developmental territory and B) I’ve never heard anyone refer to it as a lower tier. NXT is better than the main roster 95% of the time, if not 100%.