Johnson Confronted After Trump Cheats On Melania

CNN’s Manu Raju recently confronted Speaker Mike Johnson regarding the “underlying alleged conduct” of former President Donald Trump paying off a an adult star in the hush money trial after he cheated on Melania via Mediaite.



It has been noted that Johnson and many other Republican surrogates of Trump have openly criticized what they see as an exercise in political lawfare designed to keep the presumptive Republican nominee off the campaign trail due to specious felonious charges.

However, Raju pressed the self-avowed Christian Conservative, who appeals greatly to Evangelical voters, on what he made of the details that lay at the root of the charges that Trump is alleged to have engaged in an extramarital affair mere months after his younger son was born and paid $130,000 to keep the story out of the news before the 2016 general election.

“You think it’s very clear much of this danger in the hush money case,” Raju noted before asking, “But what about the underlying alleged conduct of paying off a porn star to keep this extramarital affair quiet? You’re a deeply religious man, a moral man. Does that alleged conduct cause any concern about the former president?”

Speaker Johnson was seemingly caught off guard by the question, saying, ” Look, I’m not going — I’m not going to comment on that.” He then reiterated much of what he said outside the courthouse when he visited the Trump hush money-election interference trial in support of Trump:

What we’ve what we’ve said about what’s happening in Manhattan is I’ve called it a disgrace because it is it’s clearly lawfare. They’re clearly going after President Trump because of who he is, because he is a — you know — he’ll soon to be officially the nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States. They’ve had him tied up for weeks in a courthouse when he should be out, have the ability to speak freely in the campaign and to be around the country. This is clearly by design.

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