Jon Jones Allegedly Violently Attacks Woman

Jon Jones has been arrested after allegedly attacking his wife.



Israel Adesanya is willing to protest the entire country of New Zealand over the country’s strict COVID-19 protocols. In a video uploaded to Adesanya’s YouTube page he states that New Zealand have alleged ‘racists’ in governmental power who, according to Adesanya, do not want to see a black boy representing New Zealand. Credit to SportsKeeda for the follow quotes. Israel Adesanya recently ‘went after’ authorities in these new photos

“The constant effort to stifle, to break up, to disrupt our team City Kickboxing from helping team captain Dan ‘Hangman’ get ready for his fight, that pi**ed me off the most. If it was me, I already know, they don’t like me, the bureaucrats of this fu***** country… also, they are racists, some of them are fu***** racists, of course, they don’t want a black boy representing New Zealand but you’re doing this to Dan ‘Hangman’ Hooker… Dan drapes his country over his shoulders at the weigh-ins, on the walkout, he puts this country on his back.”

Following that, the top UFC star proclaimed that he will never fight in New Zealand again, effectively censoring and banning himself from the country due to the resrictions and his issues with the New Zealand government.

Israel Adesanya leaked these ‘embarrassing’ Robert Whittaker photos not too long ago. “They don’t understand that we’re the biggest sporting team out of New Zealand right now. I’m not talking in history because we’re only just starting, but right now, putting New Zealand on the map. We’re the ones bringing eyes to New Zealand. You’ll never see me fight in New Zealand ever again, ever again. That’s me. I’m done. All that money they can get from somewhere else, from rugby, from cricket and all the people they’ve been giving exemptions to, but for me, you’ll never ever see me fighting (in New Zealand). And that was one of my dreams. One of my dreams was to headline a stadium in my backyard. That dream is dead,” said Israel Adesanya.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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