Jon Jones ‘Blocks’ Top UFC Star On Twitter

Jon Jones recently blocked Chael Sonnen on Twitter and it’s really a must see saga that is currently unfolding…Khabib Leaks ‘Insane’ Conor McGregor Money Offer.



Chael Sonnen responded to being blocked enthusiastically: “And the Tap comes at 8:43, the WINNER by SUBMISSION (COWARDICE), and STILL UNDEFEATED, the BAD GUY, CHAAAAEEELLLL SONNNNNENNNNN!!!”

While the founder of Submission Underground applauded Jon Jones as a great fighter, he also believes that the praise should come from other quarters. According to Sonnen, Jones has lost credibility by repeatedly boasting of his own achievements.

Sonnen stated on his podcast: “This is a special guy but the greats have that said about them. Other people will observe and other people will tell the story. If you are an annoying guy, which is greatest he is and he qualifies for that. He qualifies for annoying too. If we got two categories, oh, where do I put Jon? And he goes in the annoying category. Quit telling us how great you are, you haven’t lost you dumb SOB.”

Sonnen did give credit where it was due however: “The truth on a Jon Jones story, coming from an open nemesis, is that that’s a rare talent. That is a great fighter. That is not only the most talented fighter, he is the toughest fighter. And you don’t have to be both. You have to be one. If you are the best guy, you can win the gold medal. If you are the toughest guy, you can win the gold medal. You can overperform the guys that are just technically more sound than you. Jon is both. And I found that out the night that I got pummeled by him and his toe pops out of his skin and he goes in the back and wraps it by himself just so he could show up for the press conference.”

Special thanks to Sportskeeda for the transcription.

Dustin Schumacher
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