Jon Jones Drops UFC Drug Use Bombshell

Top UFC light-heavyweight Anthony Smith made headlines recently by issuing a big and bold claim against fellow light-heavyweight and UFC star – Jon Jones. The claim? That Jones failed every single drug test on route to their 2019 fight back at UFC 235. Smith also alleges that the Nevada State Athletic Commission notified him every time Jones apparently failed one of these tests. Last year Jones commented about potentially appearing in WWE



However taking to social media via Twitter – the man known as ‘Bones’ responded to Smith’s comments and accusations by simply laughing them off in a series of Tweets. The first one, with laughing emoji to cap it off, read: “The week of our fight, Jon failed every drug test. Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy. Face with tears of joy” While, in a second tweet, Jones would laugh off that fact that a fan brought up that the Commission called Smith to begin with as he continued: “That was the best part.”

Concluding, Jones finished up his series of tweets by stating: “Too freaking funny, hope you guys are having a great week. Keep shining, keep working hard everyone”

Last month on Twitter, Jones announced that he will not be fighting during the rest of the calendar year – instead opting to gain more mass and try his luck in the heavyweight division next year. Jones wrote: “Honestly I feel like the only people that it benefits, me jumping in their early are the other heavy weights. The way I’m training, I’m gonna be a real problem this time next year. I’m comfortable enough to wait and that’s exactly what I’ll do”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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