Jon Jones Posts ‘Private’ Girlfriend Video

Jon Jones has posted a video with his girlfriend and children on Instagram, as seen below.



Jon Jones is quite possibly UFC’s second biggest star, behind Conor McGregor. The rivalry between former UFC Double Champion Conor McGregor and  the longest-reigning UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is well documented. McGregor recently took shots at Nate Diaz. This time around, ‘The Notorious One’ recently took on an award-winning filmmaker in a debate about Khabib’s legacy. His bout against Khabib took place at UFC 229 three years ago, in a contest that saw the Dagestani advance to 27-0 with a submission victory. Khabib had announced his retirement from the sport after an undefeated record of 29-0 with a submission victory over Justin Gaethje.

Conor McGregor argues with Will Harris about Khabib

The award-winning filmmaker Will Harris recently recalled a moment when Khabib’s cousin, Umar Nurmagomedov, praised the former lightweight champion as the “greatest” during filming of the Anatomy of a Fighter series. According to Harris, Khabib requested that Umar’s remark be omitted from the film. This, says Harris, just goes to show how humble Khabib is at heart.

McGregor was quick to point out what he believed to be a contradiction to Harris’ implication of Khabib’s humility. It is because Khabib did not want such recognition and McGregor argued, then why did he request to be ranked #1 on the pound-for-pound list?

At the end of that exchange, McGregor further questioned Khabib’s humility but also questioned his legacy altogether. He would then brand the Dagestani a “fool” reminding the comments made earlier this year about Aldo no longer being in his prime or able to fight against elite competition.

Below, the debate continues with McGregor listing his supporting points for why Khabib is merely a “good,” not great fighter. Harris then attempted to hold a mirror to McGregor about his own perceived struggles with weight after the Irishman criticized Khabib’s past scale struggles.

In this third and final round, McGregor argued Harris’ claim that he struggled on the scales himself by pointing out that he never missed weight. He also argued that his transition up a weight class went flawlessly.

Check out the final exchange below:

Conor McGregor is expected to return to competition in early 2022 after suffering a leg injury at UFC 264.

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