Jon Jones Reportedly Chased Man With Shotgun

UFC star Jon Jones recently recalled the time when he chased an alleged robber with a shotgun on his property in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was back in November 2020 that Jones posted a video on Instagram featuring footage of himself, shotgun in hand, chasing someone off his property.



Jon Jones opens up on the incident

Jones had explained that the footage was from a security camera. ‘Bones’ suggested that the individual was a man who broke into his property intending to rob him, likely to steal his vehicles.

In a recent interview with Nina Drama, Jon Jones was asked about the aforementioned video that went viral in 2020. He replied by confirming that the incident and video were indeed real. Jones indicated that he was playing a video game at around 3 am when he received an alert on his phone, courtesy of his property’s surveillance system.

Jones noted that as he had a good reception, his phone buzzed immediately when the person entered his property. Jones added that he usually ignores such alerts at night, as it could be a cat or the wind, but he refused to be complacent this time and checked his phone.

He then saw the trespasser/attempted robber’s video footage on his phone. He then took a shotgun and went to confront the person. Meanwhile, the alleged robber entered two of Jones’ vehicles in the driveway before running away, as Jones’ garage door opened. ‘Bones’ recalled seeing the person’s bright sneakers on his driveway as captured by the camera and said:

“He had light shoes on. I saw his shoes. It was really a distinctive thing for me. But anyways, I ran out to my garage. I pick up a shotgun, a bird gun — which wouldn’t have hurt him, right? It’s just birdshot. Well, it would’ve hurt him. It wouldn’t have killed him.”

Furthermore, Jones implied that the person probably knew it was his (Jones’) house. Harking back to chasing and then speaking to the person, ‘Bones’ said:

“I had a little conversation with him, as I was banging on his car window. I was telling him, I was just like, ‘Don’t you ever come to my fu*king house again.'”
Jon Jones recently scripted history when he defeated Ciryl Gane in the main event of UFC 285. With the historic win, Jones lifted the heavyweight title. He joined the list of select UFC fighters to have won titles in two different weight classes, as Jones had also been the light heavyweight champion earlier.


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