Jon Jones ‘Satanic’ Claim Stuns UFC Fans

Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones have a bone to pick. Jon Jones recently stated along the lines of ‘the devil made me do it’ when it came to Jon Jones beating a woman. A very large claim to make over such a serious and horrible incident. Chael Sonnen was having none of this as an excuse as Chael ripped Jon Jones apart on his YouTube show. Sean O’Malley Drops Jon Jones Arrest Bombshell.



Chael Sonnen stated on his YouTube show: “Now, he (Jon Jones) has only got three options, okay? You can bury your head in the sand, do absolutely nothing, keep your mouth shut. You’ve got a legal process. You can bury your head in the sand. You can change the topic or you can apologize. Now, of those three, Jon is never going to admit fault or say he’s sorry and potentially, doesn’t even know how to say that. So, he has now blamed the deity on his actions. He actually blamed the devil for his behavior.“

Chael Sonnen continued: “Never said that he was sorry. Back in the gym, working on himself. Going to make this the greatest thing that’s ever happened in his life. When you get knocked off a horse, you get right back on it. These things would be good and meaningful perspectives had Jon been knocked off a horse. He’s not accused of being fallen off a horse. He’s accused of coming into a room at five in the morning and beating the hell out of a woman in front of her children. That’s what he’s been accused of. And if he’s saying that it could be bad but he’s going to mix it into a positive, that’s an admission of guilt.”

Chael Sonnen also pointed out that Jon Jones also appears to be using the head trauma he’s sustained in his fighting career as an excuse for his behavior.

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