Jon Jones Tries To Fight Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar had been a top fighter in UFC back in the day. He is a former UFC heavyweight champion but currently signed to WWE. It has been noted that Jon Jones has been vocal about his desire to face ‘The Beast Incarnate.’



In an interview with ESPN in 2019, Jones said that he wanted to fight Lesnar because he “knows he can beat him.”

Jon Jones opens up on possibly facing Brock Lesnar in the future

During a recent interview with Sporting News Fights, Jon Jones spoke about the fight that never was against Brock Lesnar. He also wants to see that big-money fight go down.

“I think fighting Brock Lesnar would have been really cool,” Jones stated. “You know, Brock isn’t the most technical fighter, but he has a massive fanbase, he’s a lot bigger than me, and it would have been one of those cool David and Goliath situations. It would have been cool for cross-sport promoting and I think we both would have done great things for our families and for our team. You know, financially, that would have been massive. Never say never. Brock, if you’re out there….”

Lesnar has not competed in MMA since 2016. Meanwhile, ‘Bones’ has also had an illustrious career, with his only loss coming from a disqualification due to illegal elbows.

In a recent interview with UFC commentator Joe Rogan, Jones stated that he believes the fight would generate a massive amount of interest and revenue for both fighters. He also stated that he has no problem about moving up to the heavyweight division, where Brock Lesnar competes. He also believes that his size and speed would give him an advantage over Lesnar.

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