Jon Moxley 2022 WWE Return Rumor Revealed

The Disco Inferno claimed on Keepin’ it 100 that a source told him Jon Moxley isn’t thrilled about his situation with AEW right now. Wrestling-Edge transcribed his remark.



Disco said, “I got sources. I heard Moxley hasn’t been gung ho about AEW in a while.”

Is this an AEW and WWE conspiracy? Perhaps Sami Zayn can look into it. WWE star Sami Zayn has been often seen lashing out at and claiming that WWE has planned a conspiracy on him. Though it is only for on-screen programming. He has recently once again expressed his frustrations with the conspiracies against him in WWE.

Sami Zayn opens up on WWE’s conspiracy against him

Johnny Knoxville recently made his return to accept Sami’s open challenge this week on SmackDown. Zayn denied competing and stated that Knoxville did not belong in the ring and hit the Jackass Forever star with a vicious Helluva Kick before leaving the ring.

WWE correspondent Megan Morant caught up with the Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn on Talking Smack this week. He has questioned the reason behind the brutal attack on Johnny Knoxville and the champ responded. According to Zayn, he did nothing wrong. Sami then went on to reveal that reason, stating that it was hard to get TV time in WWE and Knoxville tried to upstage him during his celebrations. Thereby, he decided to beat him up.

Here’s what Sami had to say:

“Why? Why is it me who has to explain anything? I don’t understand how you guys constantly do this to me. How are you framing this like I did anything wrong? He showed up in my allotted segment. Do you know how hard it is to get television time? And I had a little block, a tiny sliver of the show to celebrate the fact that I overcame everything to become Intercontinental Champion once again, and then he shows up. So I did what we do around here. Right? Am I crazy? This is what we do. He came, I beat him up. That’s what we do on the show. It’s WWE. Yeah, I beat him up. I feel great.”

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