Jon Moxley on when he knew he was going to leave WWE

Jon Moxley’s decision to leave WWE was a big surprise for fans and during a recent interview, the former WWE Star explained when he realised he will not be re-signing with the company.



Mox recently had an interview with Jim Ross at Starrcast where he talked about many things such as his early career in WWE, accidentally dropping the F-bomb during a raw episode and more.

While talking about leaving the company, the former World Champion recalled the time when he was recovering after his tricep surgery last year and he realized that he was not excited to go back:

“It was in July, when I started to realize I was not excited to come back, I was excited about wrestling, but I was like do I really have to go back to the WWE? Can I go to CZW or somewhere else?”

The former Dean Ambrose went on explain that he had decided to give WWE one more chance because he knew that his heel turn was coming up but the company messed it up and he then made the call to leave:

“I told myself, I was going to give them one last shot, I’ve got this heel turn coming up. They kept putting it off and putting it off. I eventually become a heel and that turned to s**t real quick. I knew I was gone in the summer, while I was off. But I knew I wasn’t going to leave early and deal with the legal s**t. I knew I was going to ride out the contract.”

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