Jon Moxley praises MJF; says he will lead AEW into the future

Jon Moxley defended his AEW World Championship against MJF at AEW All Out. After an intense match, it was Moxley who won the match and successfully retained the title. MJF certainly impressed many with his showing in the past few months and his feud with Moxley only solidified his future as the face of AEW.



Moxley talked about MJF following his title defence at AEW All Out. He discussed AEW’s future, saying that when his body will be old and battered, wrestlers like MJF will be the ones leading the company for many years.

“I don’t know if I’m surprised, but yeah, some guys get it and some guys don’t. Some guys got it and some guys don’t, and he definitely gets it. He’s got it,” Moxley said. “I don’t have envy for these guys because they get to immediately step on the national stage, like MJF and some of these younger guys, and they just get to be in this really healthy, fertile environment for creating ideas, and learning, and getting better. And it’s going to keep getting better.”

“This is the next generation, and when I’m broken down and can’t go anymore, which is going to be any day now, these guys are going to be leading. When he talks about that, he’s not joking. He’ll be one of the guys that leads this company in the future. And just the fact that AEW exists, and it’s just doing so well, and doing so good for the business, it’s great to see.”

The AEW roster is full of young and talented stars who are all candidates to lead the company into the future. This includes Jungle Boy, Ricky Starks, Darby Allin and many more.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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