Jon Moxley ‘Protected’ WWE Diva In Saudi Arabia

The former WWE commentator Renee Paquette, who is the wife of AEW star Jon Moxley was the first female on a WWE televised event in the country of Saudi Arabia when she provided commentary for 2018’s Crown Jewel.



How did Jon Moxley protect her?

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on the Wrestling Inc. Daily, she spoke about her experience in Saudi Arabia and how her husband, Moxley had flown to the country even though he was not scheduled to work the show. CM Punk ‘Can’t Sign’ With AEW For Sad Reason?

She said:

“Jon ended up coming with me, and Jon wasn’t booked on the show. He flew over there with me because you hear of all the customs of like, ‘You can’t go anywhere without a man from your family.’ I just wasn’t sure what I was walking into customs wise, and adjusting to a new country and understanding what their rules and regulations were,” Paquette said. “Even in terms of what I’m supposed to wear, how I am supposed to conduct myself. Honestly though the whole experience was incredible.”

She recalled her experience in Saudi Arabia and she reflected on how the country in progressing in terms of women independece. Renee Paquette said:

“There’s nothing better than just being able to experience another part of the world, and experience how other people live and see the way these other women are living and see how quickly things are honestly really progressing over there. As much as they’re behind us here obviously in the west, but seeing the stuff they’re able to do there [now]. The fact that women were at the shows and going out shopping and just being out in the community doing stuff.”

On the fan interaction in Saudi Arabia:

“I feel like everyone welcomed me with open arms. Just from the second I even got to the hotel to having people greeting us and being really excited. I had so many fans in Saudi Arabia that were just waiting for the WWE crew to show up. They were so happy to have a woman there. That made me feel really really good to be there and to be received like that.”

Following her stint in WWE, she is now focussing on her podcast and she recently released a cookbook called Messy In The Kitchen.


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