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Jon Moxley provides explanation as to how WWE can fix their creative problems

Jon Moxley

While Jox Moxley has parted ways with WWE, he still wants the company to improve. During the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, Moxley was very open about what goes on in the company and also explained how WWE can improve the product.

Vince McMahon oversees everything that goes on in the company and every plan goes through him before being passed. However, due to Vince’s tendency to change plans all the time, it leads to creative problems. If Vince isn’t a fan of something in a segment, he will have the entire segment redone.

According to Moxley, the product can be fixed but it will be a difficult task. This is because, in order to fix the issues, the company will have to focus less on Vince McMahon himself.

“There will be times when it’s like two hours later they’ll say Vince saw something in the shot he didn’t like you’ll have to do it again and we’ll have to go back and do this again. That’s stupid.”

“It would be very easy to just film it however it is like real sports. In the locker room someone might walk by in the background, it doesn’t ruin it. The shot’s still usable, but you know for instance those backstage promos can get approved by one of the more top writers, but even after you’re done you have to sit there and wait fifteen minutes for one of the top writers to come over, watch it, and give his okay. He’s only going to give his okay if he’s 100% sure he thinks Vince is gonna like it.”

WWE has been experimenting with different techniques in hopes of improving the product and so help with the dwindling ratings, but there is no certainty that any of these will actually work.