Jon Moxley Reacts To Rumored WWE Return

Jon Moxley took both WWE and AEW by storm since his major-league debut. Moxley may be a contender to return to WWE TV again, if WWE and AEW do indeed start doing cross promotional angles like Tony Khan has suggested. Jon Moxley rejected a huge WWE offer before leaving.



Recently, Kenny Omega spoke to TalkSPORT about how he thinks WWE and AEW could very well be working together could in the near future.

Moxley, seems to have a stance of his own on this situation. Moxley spoke with Inside The Ropes to discuss how he feels about a WWE meets AEW invasion.

Moxley: “That would never happen. That’s not even worth wasting any mental energy to… You know. I mean, if you want to fantasy book some cool s**. You know, maybe you could fantasy book it for, like, fun magazine, stuff. You know, Like back in the day, in magazines, you used to always have, like, “Dream match. Bill Goldberg versus Steve Austin,” in ’98. But that ain’t gonna happen.”

Moxley continued on to say that “it would be cool to have a Tokyo Dome show between AEW, NJPW and WWE” but was adamant on it never happening saying, “They stay over there.”

Moxley’s distaste for anything and everything WWE has been made apparent over the past year plus. It looks like Moxley will be staying far away from WWE for some time.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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