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Jon Moxley says his career was in the toilet bowl during WWE run

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley has been making headlines since leaving WWE and it includes his participation in the reputed G1 Climax tournament of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Moxley picked up his third win of the tournament on Friday when he defeated Tomohirio Ishii in a highly praised match at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Jon cut a promo after this bout and referencing his WWE career the former World Champion said that few months ago his career was in the toilet bowl:

Let me tell you something, see you can’t understand everything I’m saying, But a few months ago, my career was pretty much in the toilet bowl and then you guys welcomed me over here to Japan, made me feel like I’m party of the family, gave me this canvas on which to paint ugly, gruesome works of art, so I thank you for that.

Later in the interview, he also referenced his wife Renee Young, saying that his wife is going to be very mad at him because she hates tables and s—.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I really dont think the fans or the WWE, really care about what Punk does anymore.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Oh please Jon MOxley had it pretty good in the WWE compare to a lot of wrestlers. He was given ever opportunities to be the very best he could be. It not WWE fault he couldn’t carry the ball. You know ever since the Stone Cold podcast Dean Ambrose was never the same.

  • lobsterball


  • Making $100k+ per year and on television every week. What a toilet bowl.

  • CC

    He is just talking about that god awful heel turn. What should have been one of the best heel turns in years ended up a complete and utter bust with that stupid “the audience smells and has diseases” crap.

  • CC

    Hyperbolic headline as always. He is not saying his whole WWE career was in the toiletbowl, just the end of his run there. He had a good run, but that whole heel turn was so poorly booked that yes, it pretty much ruined him in the fans eyes.

  • Moe

    For over a year he was given garbage to work with. Also he’s about to go to “war” with them. So why be nice now! Vince is going to worry once PUNK appears at All Out!

  • jedi

    Really starting to not like Ryback 2.0

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I dont see how his WWE run was that bad or how he hated it that much. He was never really a lower card person and was always in a good/decent fueds. Had titles and all that. I wonder if Rollins is as unhappy deep down.